Backup & Disaster Recovery

Backup & Disaster RecoveryNot just backup … this is Business Continuity!

If you have ever experienced any level data loss, you can certainly recognize its value to your organization. Regardless of size of your company, the costs of the lost data can never be undervalued considering all implications including customer information, impact on contractual obligations and lost productivity.

Our rock-solid solution not only backs up your data as frequent as every 5 minutes, but in the occurrence of a server/desktop failure, this solution takes on the role of the failed IT device while continuing to perform backups. Don’t consider it as simply a data backup solution, but as a full business continuity solution.

To ensure that your data is protected in the event of a local disaster, our solution encrypts and replicates your data to the cloud. This provides the best protection to ensure your data is safe and recoverable.

  • Backups entire data, as frequent as every 5 minutes
  • Instant recovery of damaged or deleted files
  • Near-zero downtime for server/hardware failures
  • Off-site backup to secure data centers for comprehensive disaster recovery