Green Solutions

 create a sustainable office that uses resources efficiently and reduces costsMany companies are looking for practical ways to cut costs and help the environment. Typically, in a tight economy, it is difficult to adopt green initiatives because of their expense. However, with a few simple adjustments, your company can effectively cut costs and significantly reduce your carbon footprint.

With tools from our technology partners, you can create a sustainable office that uses resources efficiently and reduces costs.

Utilize Efficient Devices

Today’s advancements in technology provide many options to help conserve the earth without greatly altering your daily printing habits. Whether you are looking to reduce paper usage or save on electricity costs, devices from any of our partners will help you create a green office.

Reducing Paper Usage

The average office employee consumes over 10,000 pages per year. This costs companies an average of $15,000 per employee. Cutting paper usage not only reduces expenses, but it also helps the environment.

Five ways that you can immediately reduce paper output include:

  • Private Printing: Private printing holds print jobs at network printers until the user walks up and enters a personal identification number prior to printing. This eliminates “abandoned” print jobs, cutting waste. If nobody claims the job, it can be deleted from the print queue after a certain amount of time. Not only will this reduce paper use, but it can also enhance security.
  • Set Print Defaults: By setting your device default setting to duplex printing, you can cut paper usage and costs by 50%. Furthermore, you can automatically reroute large print jobs to cost-effective network printers. The user will be notified by a pop up screen where to retrieve their documents and why it was rerouted.
  • Print Forms on Demand: Many business forms are printed in bulk. Often, these forms become obsolete before they are used. As a result, many pre-printed forms are discarded each year. Electronic forms technology allows you to print forms on demand. Form elements are simply overlaid on top of the print job. This allows you to print completed forms on any printer or multifunction system in your office, eliminating the usage and cost of pre-printed forms.
  • Use Scan-to-Email Instead of Faxing: Scan-to-email features on new multifunction systems allow you to send scanned documents as PDF email attachments. This is an environmentally-friendly alternative to faxing since the document is not automatically printed at the receiving end. Instead, the recipient can view the PDF, forward it, save it. If it needs to be printed, it is up to the recipient. Not only does this save paper, it also enhances security.
  • Workflow Management: Workflow management tools will help you keep a secure digital library of all your business documents. Did you know that most business documents, when stored in regular filing cabinets, get reprinted over 20 times? By creating a database of all your important documents, employees will no longer be forced to reprint or copy physical documents. Instead, they will be able to access them in digital form from the comfort of their own desktop.

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