Color Printers

Studies have shown that color affects the way your business is perceived by current or prospective clients. Therefore, correct implementation of color within a marketing message can give you the edge you are looking for without adding an extra expense.

Copy Products Helps Supply Affordable Color Printers Copy Products can help you manage the cost of color so you can use color where it counts and at a cost you can manage. With the explosion of color in office printing, your costs can easily skyrocket if you do not have the right devices and controls in place. However, color also increases the impact of your business documents, from proposals, presentations, and training materials to invoices and statements.

Color Printers  PAYou want to use color when and where it benefits your business—without blowing your budget. Printing color externally can be costly and time consuming. With color printing options from Copy Products, you will have the ability to keep all color printing internal.

Copy Products can help you put the right devices, controls, and practices in place to keep color printing affordable. With the right color solutions and color access controls, Copy Products can help you manage the cost of color so you can use color where it counts — at a cost you can manage.

The Power of Color

Studies show color improves the impact your document has on the reader:

  • Color improves readership up to 40%
  • Color increases comprehension by 73%
  • Color accelerates learning from 55 to 78%
  • Color improves invoice payment response rates up to 30% when used on date and amount due

Copy Products offers a complete line of color printers, copiers, and multifunction systems for business and production color. We can also help you implement color access controls limiting access by user, application, or job type. You will have the ability to monitor and track color usage to see where it is being used and for what jobs. This gives you the information you need to charge back to specific departments or cost centers if desired.

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